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Was John Lennon right?

There is a quotation attributed to John Lennon that I've heard frequently lately; it was a prominent part of the the excellent movie (if you're a teacher) Mr. Holland's Opus. The quote: "Life is what happens while you're making other plans." Is this true, or just a catchy phrase that like most catchy phrases from famous people gets treated as true?

In favor of the quote's truth, I offer that the best things in life, well, are not things, first of all, and second, are often unexpected. Believing that plans are the focus of life is putting too much faith in our ability to control all factors, and I have strong views on that: I don't control very much of my life and never can, despite my Franky planner and faithful exercise and healthy living and trying to budget money and everything else. I don't control who my parents were, where or when I was born or raised, my race or gender, and a thousand other things that influence me every day.

However, …