Tuesday, November 08, 2011

You Might Be from Chattanooga if you .......

This link will take you to Chatter magazine and its funny article on "being Chattanoogan"


My favorites:

Every time it snows you feel compelled to roll out your endless supply of stories of how it's nothing compared to the blizzard of '93.

You have to stop and think which state you're in.

Your annual ski trip is to Mentone, Alabama.

You can pronounce any one of the following (correctly):  LaFayette, Wacker, Olgiati, Ooltewah, Unum.

Luther Found Your Dog!

If Tim Holcomb has to tell you when to cut your grass (I love Holcombs!)

You're too polite to go first at a four-way stop.

You've ever said, "Bring me back a Coke, and make it a .... " (even a Pepsi)

Half your neighbors are 55 and retired from TVA.

Your idea of religious tolerance is having a Catholic friend.

You spend 60,000 dollars on you kids' prep school education and they go to Chatt State.

You spend an afternoon  .... at McKay Books.

You've every had to explain how Sear's shoe store has nothing to do with Sears.

The second question you're asked when you meet someone is what church you go to.

You go to church with at least ten people who are in insurance.

You still call Bi-Lo Red Food (I do!)

and in honor of my son, "You have a little voodoo doll that has a remarkable likeness to Lane Kiffin."

Most of these will only make sense to locals.  As I often say, we can make fun of ourselves, but non-Chattanoogans can't!

Please consider these plugs for Sears Shoes, Holcombs Garden, and McKay Books.

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