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Observations on the last day of August, last day of "summer"

I know that the official last day of summer, the autumnal equinox, is September 21, but we all feel like it is Labor Day, which is as early as it can get this year.  So I offer these . . .

Why do these news outlets think we care about Joan Rivers' medical condition? 

What do you do about a "friend" on Facebook who posts one week that our redemption draws nigh because of the situation in the middle east and this week that she is thankful for margaritas and for not being a redneck?  You confront personally, not there.

Dealing with someone estate is far more work than people think.

As mentioned elsewhere, I wrote a play that is going to be produced at my college.  I am excited about that.  I attended auditions this week, which was fun, but after a meeting to do a read through, I will leave all to the director because (a) I'm getting nothing out of this deal and (b) it's her job and she does it quite well without me, thank you very much.  But she chose it with a comm…

Mercy Triumphs

This is the title of Beth Moore's study on James, and I am finding it quite good.   The question of "faith vs. works" is a hard one for some people.  It's not one I struggle with--living what you believe makes perfect sense to me--so I am trying to figure out why others do.  I think it has to do with the question, OK, how much is enough, and the fact that "enough" may lead to human sanctions, i.e., legalistic obligations and expectations.  Logical obedience and rational consistency between the truths of the gospel and how we live can escalate into pushes from others about what that logical obedience and rational consistency should look like.  Since Christians (and Christian women) can be gullible and not able to stand up to the opinions of others, we get trapped.  Been there, done that.  I've thrown away the t-shirt.  I try hard not to put my expectations on others (despite some of these posts) and I try even harder not to let theirs affect me.  Easier …

Where is leadership?

As I have written before, there was a popular bumper sticker (on the left) during the Bush administration:  Are you appalled yet?

Are we appalled yet by Obama?  ISIS is a direct result of his policies, inaction, hubris, ideology.  The influx of young immigrants is a direct result of his illegal, unconstitutional actions.  Those are just two examples.  If he weren't so activist, so bent on reforming America his way, where would we be?  He has tampered with the system.

Don't say, "But Bush ...."  That is just not relevant anymore.  We are seeing direct results of  his policies.  He can go out and make a speech somewhere but not deal with his actual job. 

I don't like to quote this source, but this says it all:

So what about Ferguson.  Well, it's a state and local matter.  I just don't know.  Too many people are too quick to make too many opini…

Well, I just can't . . .

By now almost everyone has heard of the ice bucket challenge.  Two days ago it reached the staff and faculty on our campus on my Facebook feed, and of course last night I was challenged.  The context:  A dear friend of mine died of ALS in 2006, after about three years of debilitation from it.  I essentially "got her job" when she had to retire.  So another professor challenged me and two other communication teachers.  She doused herself (as did her husband) and posted it.

Well, I don't have time today to douse myself, film it, and put in on Facebook, although it's so hot outside that the idea of being drenched in cold water is pretty good.  In these weeks after my mom's passing, I just have limited emotional energy, and I have certain commitments this weekend that are calling my name.  So I posted that I would make a donation.  But I didn't say to what.

I have always been a little iffy about disease organizations.  I've been reading posts about how ALSA d…

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