Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Writing Life: When No One You Know Gives a Rip about Your Writing

This writer really says it like it is:

My response:  The way some people act about our novels is still rude. I've dedicated books to people who haven't read them.  I do go to other people's programs and I do read other friends' books. 

Don't give away books.  Expect at least your cost and a little more.  This was a massive part of your life--more than performing in a community theatre play.  Those who have not written a 300-page novel have no idea how hard it is. 

Still, our motivation must be to let the story out.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

This might just change your life!

And in conjunction with the last post: Too Few Women in Asia

Most, by far, of the Asian graduates were male.  Hummm.

Purdue Graduation 2018, Graduate School Edition

Yesterday my husband and I attended our son's graduation from Purdue with his master of science degree in communication.  It was a fabulous ceremony. 

It was fabulous because the gentleman who read the names never missed a beat despite names that would have been an enigma to the rest of others. Why?

Because I would say 75% or more of the names were Asian--Indian, Chinese, and Korean, and some from other nations in Asian.  My son's name is very American and fairly common, so it stood out for that. 

Mitch Daniels, who should be President of the US instead of President of Purdue, gave an incredible speech which was a love letter and warning to his party.  It was on tribalism and its dangers and how the graduates should fight it.  I wanted to scream amen.  He also emphasized that Purdue graduates create wealth (not money for themselves) and solve big problems.  I like that practicality instead of "serve and give back."  Give back is such a cliche. 

We did yell "Dude" when our son graduated.  He has worked hard to get his degree, as would anyone. 

The music was also wonderful, and they have a projected screen image behind the platform.  The doctoral part took a while, but having earned one myself and gotten hooded, I will give them their due. 

Google and The Environment: Law of unintended and unknown consequences

I find these facts fascinating and startling.  Of course, although the writer picks on Google, all Internet usage does this harm to the environment.  We waste so much electricity.  I like to turn lights off in my building since people notoriously leave them on, but that's a drop in the bucket.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

John McCain

Senator McCain has asked that Trump not come to his funeral and Barack Obama and George Bush speak at his funeral.

Good for him.  Of course, some are calling him a traitor, a RINO, and blah blah.

 I for one am tired of this defense of Trump, as if he is some kind of hero.  He paid his way into the race.  He called the better candidates childish, if not vile names.  He even said of Ben Carson he wasn't a great doctor.  He said McCain wasn't a hero. 

The Republican party has sold its soul and I hope they can buy it back. 

The Writing Life: When No One You Know Gives a Rip about Your Writing

This writer really says it like it is: My response:  The way some people act about ou...