Sunday, April 09, 2006

partsofspeaking: April 2006

partsofspeaking: April 2006 Palm Sunday should really be Palm Thursday. Refer to John 12. But it's still a great day, one only true Christians take notice of. Jesus entering the city triumphantly knowing everything that will happen; not just knowing, but orchestrating it. Make not mistake--he's in charge of all of it. I never read the passion story with that perspective before, just because I hadn't been forced to. I am teaching a Bible class now, and no one learns like the teacher. So rejoice at the fact of Jesus (the real Jesus, not this wishy-washy, effeminate, confused, disoriented, gnostic person ABC keeps throwing at us) came into Jerusalem.

Saturday, April 08, 2006



This is my second post, on a warm and beautiful day after terrible storms ripped through our area, killing many people. My name is not Glenda Boone. I am using it now for an experiment in blogging and will change when appropriate. I am a college professor of communication in a small college.


Today, April 8, 2006, is warm and beautiful after a series of storms have ripped through our area. I live in southern Appalachian; that translates to Northern Georgia, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, and a corner of Alabama. Many people were killed 200 miles northwest of here from tornadoes in the last few days. We get very few of them because of the mountains, but we do get them.

I am a professor of communication at a small state college. I'll leave it at that. Glenda Boone is not my real name. It is a name a roommate at a Nazi-esque fundamentalist college used to use to hide her identity. While I am not prone to hiding my identity, and while I have not used the name Glenda Boone in decades, I decided to do so for this experiment in blogging. Maybe I'll change it at a later date. I had a bad run-in with paypal this last week and am gun shy about web security.

My purpose in this weblog is to learn about them, to post my thoughts, and to incorporate more "web-stuff" into my professional and personal life, since I teach business communication and that means being up on the such things. I teach online and do a lot on a computer, although I have no idea how they work. They just do, like blood circulating and lungs inflating. I have more important things to worry about--specifically, a teenage son and a husband with a mental disorder, and a demanding job.

I'm posting on a day I'm struggling with depression; well, it's more like a debilitation, or a holding down. I feel as if a mammoth wall, greater than the Wall of China, stands between me and the normally active life I live. Sleep helps; I'd been fatigued from a busy week. More, I came home to a husband bouncing off the walls about something I couldn't fix. It wears me down. He knows it, and says he can't help it. He has returned to a state of balance from his mood swings; I am the worse for wear.

Later drafts may reflect on theology, my favorite subject, and philosophy, and politics, and literature, and communication theory, and other academic subjects. Not today. This will be therapy. High tech therapy.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My mission

The mission of this blog is my personal mission: to communicate truth through teaching communication skills.

Public Speaking Online: Part III

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