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Exciting News

I am pleased to announce I am having my first novel published sometime in the spring, and by an actual traditional publisher (i.e., I'm not paying them, they are paying me). More information to come in the future, but here is a synopsis of the book, which will be published by Capstone Fiction (, a new company doing some innovative things with on-demand publishing. The book will be available at,, and some other outlets.

At first meeting, Carlie Geraldson appears to be a typical Midwestern minister’s wife and homemaker. She has accompanied her husband, Jeff, across the United States to attend college and pastor three churches in a conservative evangelical denomination between the years 1969 and the present, 1986. She is a college graduate, art teacher, and mother of two children who are as different as can be. Emily is four, bouncy, blonde. Josiah is eleven, good-looking, intellectually gifted, and biracial. Carlie’…