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A Spiritual Interpretation of LOST

OK, I’ll admit. I’m a big LOST fan. And I mean big. It’s the only show I watch on network television, or any television. And I’m going to join the hundreds, maybe thousands of other people who have blogs and websites about the show.

A spiritual interpretation of LOST? A Christian-based spiritual interpretation, no less? Well, since I’m a fan and since I’m a Christian, I’ve got to blend the two somehow, right?

Seriously, I believe there is an apologetic in the show, somewhere, since I think anything that appeals to so many different types of people must be connected to what we are as human beings, and what we are as humans is beings made in God’s image who lost that and need redemption. So you can see where this is going.

In short, LOST is not what these people are on the island. LOST is what these characters were before they arrived on the island. In fact, they are not really totally LOST; the Others, whoever they are (and I have to say, I don’t like the whole Others angle and hope we fi…