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BlendKit 2012

I am enrolled in an online class for "continuing ed" credit (sort of, it will just go on my performance evaluation) with the University of Central Florida.  The class is about understanding, designing, and implementing blended learning, which is often called "hybrid" classes.  Blending is probably a nice term, although it could probably be argued that any significant online enhancement includes blended learning (methods, experiences); however, in this context it means that essentially the class only meets face to face about half the time as normal and online the rest of the time.  I have two blended classes this semester, and I have taught online in some fashion since 1998, so this is not new to me.  I just thought the class might give me some tips and some wisdom as to why the retention rate in the public speaking hybrid class is generally so low. 

I asked my academic supervisor if I could create an online public speaking class and she discouraged it because of th…

Touching Poem on Grief--or not

E'ev for the dead I will not bind my soul to grief:
Death cannot long divide. For is it not as though the rose that climbed my garden wall
Has blossomed on the other side?
Death doth hide,
But not divide;
Thou art but on Christ's other side!
Thou art with Christ, and Christ with me;
In Christ united still are we." (Unknown)

Good news

We did pass our QEP with no recommendations!   Thanks be to God.


I have come to the conclusion that the American people want a mediocre president so they can feel better about themselves.

News flash:  Monica Lewinsky is going to write a tell-all book about Clinton.  I find that very funny.

I gave my presentation about the QEP this morning.  It went well.  I hope we pass with no recommendations. 

900 Blog Posts: Last One

Ann Voskamp wrote a book I've blogged about,  One Thousand Gifts.  I'm one hundred behind her, with 900 blog posts.  And this will be my last for quite a while.

I don't know who is reading my missives; I am getting a huge number of hits from some troll posting ads for Viagra, Ambien, Cialis, etc.  The posts I was most proud of--the theological ones, the expository ones--occasionally get hits, but the most random ones get the most, specifically something I wrote about living for a week without cable and Internet after the tornadoes of 2011. 

My career as a doctoral student, my position as a full-time faculty member (and possibly an administrator), my return to teaching Bible, my tenure as the vice president of a professional organization, and my status as the daughter of a cancer patient have made my life very complicated.  The number of my new posts will become very negligible, maybe until Christmas.  I need to work on my fiction and publicize my novels, which this blog i…

What is Sin?

Let's start by saying what it isn't.

It's not temptation.  If temptation were sin, Christ sinned. 

It's not one's personality.  We all have a tendency to introversion or extraversion.  These are not sins.  Introversion is treated as a sin or disorder in some evangelical churches. 

It's not being discerning enough not to jump on every bandwagon.

It's not physical weakness.

It is rebellion.  It is hatred.  It is walking away.  It is deciding to do these things. 


I really wish the person who keeps posting comments about getting cialis and levitra would stop it.  I just delete them, and they know that, so I'm not sure what they are achieving.  I assume they get paid to go around to other websites and do this, but I'm the only one seeing them and I have no interest in those drugs.