Monday, January 13, 2014


After a flurry of posting in December, I will probably be taking a hiatus for a while.  My doctoral work is overwhelming, and I am teaching two (sort of) new classes this semester, running a conference, taking care of a sick family member, trying to do dissertation research, etc.  I want to blog, but they would be incoherent and I would prefer something worthwhile be put up here.  Best wishes.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Reflections

Happy new year to my readers!

At 2:00 I am settling down to start working on school things (as a college professor I am constantly under the gun of class preparation, and as a doctoral student doing research for my dissertation as well as taking two classes per semester, I have little time to waste) after having cleaned my home this morning.  The decorations and tree are down, my husband has the football on, he cooked the black-eyed peas yesterday (but I bought turnip instead of collard greens), the weather is nice enough for me to walk my dog a bit laer, and now I am going to transcribe my fourteenth interview.

Some observations on this day.

In a world of hunger, hasn't the Rose Bowl parade, with its tons of organic products made into floats, outlived its usefulness?

Why don't the networks get some decent stuff to show on New Year's Eve?  I mean, seriously, Miley Cyrus in Times Square (ABC).  And Ryan Seacrest?  Dick Clark recovering from a stroke was better than this.  (I mean no disrespect to Dick Clark or stroke victims).  We were watching old movies last night and turned over to the New Year's broadcast in the last three minutes, and I was pretty dismayed by what passed for entertainment.

Does anyone today dance like Gene Kelly and sing like Judy Garland?  I mean, wow, were those people talented.

The age old question:  is it more work to put up Christmas decorations or take them down?  I think for me, putting up.  Taking down is a return to normalcy.  Not that my house is neat; it's actually pretty dirty all told.  But I'm always more motivated to clean up then to decorate.

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