Thursday, November 08, 2007

Return to blogging

I have become the slave of busy-ness, the victim of too much of a good thing. And as such I have been unable to blog, to read, to reflect, to exercise, to do what is most important. I have thought about returning to graduate school--why, so I can work harder? Don't I work hard enough? don't I have a life other than work?

Am I the only person who struggles with balance in life? No. Why we do is a mystery. Imbalance seems to be the natural bent of humans, but not of nature; perhaps as we have grown farther and farther away from a relationship with the natural world, we have become less and less able to live a life in balance.

Is there a solution, then? Go back to farming. Well, yes, in a sense. I don't think we can find balance within the way we are living. We need something more radical, and radical means roots. We must at least look at the packedness, the insanity of our schedules in a different light.

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