Saturday, March 01, 2008

Latest happenings

What's been going on in my life?
1. I had my first colonoscopy two days ago and thankfully will not need to again for ten years.
2. I had the flu and a cold for two weeks.
3. I went to two academic conferences in two weeks.
4. LOST. It’s been five good episodes. These writers know how to yank our chains. I’m hooked and will stay with it to the last show. And oh, no, I found out we can watch it online now! That’s too tempting. However, I have nothing intelligent to say about the shows, no theories, no character analysis.
5. I haven't seen my son in eight weeks, but we are going to see him tomorrow.
6. I have been extraordinarily busy at work, putting in 50 hours plus a week, even when sick, and my head is spinning just to think about it. No wonder I'm tired. I haven't spent any time on creative writing.
7. Speaking of tired, now that it's down to Obama and Clinton and McCain, I'm having a hard time keeping interested. If Obama is elected, America will wake up a month after the inauguration with a hangover. The conservatives are saying his followers are cultlike, and the liberal pundits are saying conservatives are the same about Reagan. But there's a difference. Reagan first of all had been a governor of California for eight years, and had spent several years building a base of supporters. Obama has been in the Senate for three years and been running for President the whole time; he gave a speech in 2004 at the convention that put him in the spotlight and people are jumping on a train for heaven knows what reason. Not that he isn't attractive and charismatic, but I fear Obama is going to show himself to be more and more arrogant until he's unbearable. His policies and character are more a concern for me than the rumors about Farrakhan (although those are odd, too). However, I believe in the American constitution enough to believe if Bill Clinton didn't ruin this country, Obama can't either. And, of yes, there's that matter of the sovereignty of God, too.

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