Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My last post, below, was rather "random" as the young people say today. That's one of those rare (but overused) slang words that really means something, that works. I am always frustrated by judicial activism. But in keeping with randomness, I will make some disparate observations.

1. We did not have cable TV until two years ago. We chose not to expose our son to it when he was growing up. It is not worth the money although I enjoy Turner Classic Movies.

2. Hannity and Colmes is getting old. Why in the world do they interview Dick Morris? Wasn't he disgraced.

3. Barack Obama scored a point with me by telling people to leave his wife alone. However, he's still behind by several hundred points in my book. I found this article in the Wall Street Journal enlightening and frightening. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121124017412505389.html

4. If one seeks to live one's life in accordance to God's word and the calling one believes one has, people will notice. It won't be immediate, but one will see that one's life matters.

5. I believe in conservative political principles but not conservative politicians. Ethically I don't see much difference between conservative and liberal politicians.

6. Obama benefits from the fact that Hillary Clinton is herself. The Democrats found an alternative to inevitability in Obama. I can't blame them.

7. I heard Harry Reid interviewed by Bob Edwards on NPR. I was appalled by the things he said about the president, not that those were his opinions but that he said them so freely, in such a morally superior fashion.

8. Heaven help us if we have a government-run health care system.

9. I am wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours, the fifth time I have done so. It's annoying.

10. Our interim pastor, Dr. Richard Land, is an amazing speaker. How he got to be our interim pastor, I can't figure. But I'm glad.

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