Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is the Woman!

Hallelujah! I've wanted McCain to pick Sarah Palin for VP since I first heard of this woman. Not just because she has the moral courage to give birth to a Down Syndrome child, but because she is a strong woman with leadership skills, ethics, vision, guts, and smarts.

It is hilarious to hear the people who are voting for Obama only because of race make fun of McCain for picking a woman because "he's pandering." Who is he pandering to? Evangelicals? They were going to vote for him anyway. Women? Is that why Walter Mondale did it in 1984? They can't have it both ways.

She has no experience, they say. And your argument is. . . ?

I think she's an excellent choice. For all those stay-home-moms who think their choice makes them qualified to judge, I say, get over yourself. I struggled for years because of your judgmentalism--I always worked while raising my son. I had no choice, most of the time, if I wanted to eat and have a roof over my head, and my son's. He is a fine human being and not scarred by my working (because I made him my priority in everything else), and I have been able to be in a better place professionally. And the judges are, well, still judges or have wised up.

Maybe this will make no difference in the election. Maybe we're going to get Obama no matter what, that it's just plain inevitable, as the media wants us to believe. It was still a bold choice and adds a lot of fun to this election--and some looks.

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