Monday, September 01, 2008


I got an email today, one of those pass-along ones, attributed to Jay Leno, about the basic whininess of Americans, 69% of whom allegedly are unhappy. It was actually written by Craig Smith of WorldNetDaily. It's a good piece, and here's a link to it.
I had been incredulous about the lack of perspective Americans have about their blessings, so the piece sounded a bell for me.

On the other hand, who says 69% of Americans are unhappy? Is that really a legitimate statistic? Where is the source? It's probably based on the people who listen to network news because if that were someone's sole source of information, he or she would think things are much worse than they are.

Anyway, thanks be to God that the hurricane abated and did not hit the coast with the full force of a Cat 5 storm. I've seen the aftermath of Katrina, and I don't know if those folks could have sustained a Cat 5 again so soon.

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