Friday, November 14, 2008


A colleague of mine, a history prof, former military, New Jerseyite, baseball scholar, and all-round good guy asked me the other day how I was holding up. I should say he used to be the sponsor of the College Republicans. I knew what he meant. We had a good conversation commiserating.

Yet not despairing. This blog is sometimes unremittingly dark, and I apologize. I am greatly blessed and it is time to count them.

1. It is raining, hard, in Northwest Georgia. WE NEED RAIN.

2. The faculty development workshops I held today went well. The speaker did a nice job, a sizable number came out on a gooey Friday, and we even had food provided (a private joke for anyone who has ever tried to get food for a university system of Georgia function. The state is scared to death of abuse of privilege. Sandwiches for an advisory council hardly seems like fraud. Some of this stems from a Georgia Tech official charging $250,000 on the school credit card for personal expenses. The rest of us peons pay the price.)

3. I cleaned up my home office this evening.

4. People are buying my book, I think. I find anyone buying it a miracle.

5. I am allowed to teach the Bible.

6. I have a great job, all things considered.

7. NPR. For all its left-of-centerness, I am thankful for the quality of NPR, and for its humanity. Example: I heard this Tuesday and almost had to stop the car.

8. My son is happy.

9. For having been able to make good decisions in my life, and for surviving the bad ones.

10. I can stay home tomorrow and rest.

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