Monday, November 03, 2008

Movie Likeness

My top six favorite comedies are:
1. Some Like It Hot
2. What About Bob
3. Tootsie
4. Bowfinger
5. Napoleon Dynamite
6. Ed Wood

Two of them are about cross-dressing men. Two of them star Bill Murray. The fourth one is extremely underrated comedy about a horrible movie director making a horrible movie by following an action film star around. #4 and #6 are very similar. The only one that doesn't share a theme or star with the others is Napoleon Dynamite (although I though LaFawnda was a drag queen the first time I saw it; she's not; she's just a very tall and very attractive African-American woman.)

In Bowfinger Eddie Murphy's character is neurotic or psychotic or both. He's a member of a Scientology-like cult called MindHead. He sees racism everywhere. In a hilarious sequence, he tries to convince his agent that a script is racist. "There are 636 K's in this script; that's 212 KKKs. Don't you see that?" "Well, I admit it's not Shakespeare." "There you go again. Shakespeare. Shake a spear. Spear chucker. See? See? The sickness is deep."

Thank goodness that Eddie Murphy can laugh at this. However, as I watch the ad, sponsored by some Republican PAC and showing in Pennsylvania, showing Rev. Jeremiah Wright ranting, I am reminded of Eddie Murphy's character's rant. "This is the US of KKKA." What????

Rent the movie, watch it, and see if I'm wrong. If nothing else, you'll see a funny movie, and heaven knows we could all stand a laugh.

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