Monday, November 10, 2008

Second Try

I could erase/delete the last (next one down) blog entry, but I'll keep it because it partially reflected my feelings about the election results. But only partially. I did not mean to imply that only "older" African-Americans (by that I supposed I meant older than me!) were the only ones who were affected by racism. I meant only to say they have been in the fight longer and had probably despaired of seeing a person of color in the Oval Office in their lifetimes, if ever. While it is hard for me to see how a person like Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods or Oprah or even a young black person in college today has really been affected by racism, I know better. There is still a lot of racism in this country, just as there is discrimination against women. I sometimes feel that women make their own problems, however, with stupid decisions, than other groups do, so I set them apart. In the end, classism and moneyism rule the day.

Nor did I mean to take a stand on the second coming doctrine or imply in any way that Obama is the anti-Christ. What foolishness. He is a politician--a very good one. That is the nicest thing I can say about him, since I disagree so much with his view of America, or at least think I do. Maybe I will change my mind. Maybe even at my age I will be happy to see the military decimated and more taxes and more government intervention in people's lives. Maybe he can do something about this economy--I know he can do something to it, but about it may be another matter. But I am glad he's at least putting some more seasoned people on his staff, including a Zionist, and that he has reminded Americans we have one president at a time.

That being said, the real anti-christ, when and if, will make even Obama's popularity (which is probably short-lived, considering attention spans today) pale in comparison.

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