Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekly Reader

I should probably sign in once a week and write about what I'm reading, that is, what's in my bookbag and/or on my nighttable that I either am struggling to get through or am looking for time to finish.
1. Sue Graston's latest Kinsey Milhone book, T is for Trespass. I love these books although I don't know why. They are not quite as good as the British detective novels (Susan George and the great P.D. James) but there is something about the voice of narrative. She knows herself and yet she doesn't.
2. Frederick Buechner's Then and Now. He, like Annie Dillard and Kathleen Norris, provide a view of Christian spirituality I desperately need. Most evangelical preaching and writing can be so . . . well, I can't think of any suitable words that aren't extremely negative. Anyway, I don't read much evangelical writing. (Thinking evangelicals don't read much of it either; they read nonevangelical writing and "translate it."
3. The Naked Public Square by Richard John Neuhaus. Very interesting, but I think he could have condensed it. And now it's out of date, of course, since anything about political trends will be out of date quickly.
4. Mindful Learning by Ellen Langer. Short and sweet. I liked it and will recommend for reading group. Less than a day to read (I'm not a fast reader).
5. Learner-Centered Teaching by MaryEllen Weimer. I wish I could make myself finish this book. It seems an unnecessary rehash of Brookfield, except that she is honest about the critical predagogy and Frankfurt School stuff up front, whereas Brookfield waits until the last chapter, I think, to out himself as a Marxist.
I have about 100 books on my shelves waiting to be read. So many books, so little time. Some of us truly do envision heaven as a library. Thankfully God's in charge of that, not us.

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