Wednesday, December 10, 2008

By name

The last post was about being thankful for people, and I listed some "categories." Now is the time to list real people.
David Tucker, Paul Tucker, Tessie Graham, Donald Graham, Edna Graham, Gary Graham, Michael Graham, Jacob Graham, Zachary Graham, Margie Lawrence, Bill Lawrence, Mary Sheetz, Becky Petite, Kelley Mahoney, Christy Price, Bill Grissett, Steve Euler, Regina Siler,
Ronda Cox, Sharon Wilson, Michael Walters, Lou Fuller, Derek Lance, Donna Hendrix, Mary Nielsen, Pat Rose, Pam Robertson, Joke Plunkett-Longman, Karen Carroll, Martha Nelson,
Brenda Slater, Janis Holsomback, June Atchley, Shirley Downs, Becky Clark, George Clark, Buddy Thomas, J. R. Faulkner, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ramona Tucker, Jeff Nesbitt, Debbie Tucker, Laree Boyles McKee, Sandy Turner, Josie Rose, Cheryl Larsen.

Let me add Regina Ray, Cathy Hunsicker, Clint Kinkead, Nick Carty, Christy Ayars, Barbara Murray, Lydia Postell, Marsha Matthews, Jerry Drye, Diane Trujillo.

Each for their own reasons, of course.

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