Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sarah Palin called me the other night . . .

Who invented robocalling anyway? Up until Tuesday, we Georgians were inundated with them (along with big cardstock flyers in our mailboxes) because we were to go to the polls on December 2 for a run-off election. The Republican party could have saved some of its money--it was pretty clear that Chambliss would win. He was in the position of a run-off due to a third-party candidate, Georgia's demand that the winner have a majority, and all those voters for Obama who just voted straight ticket. On November 4 Chambliss had 49.8%; on December 2, 58%.

Most of us who voted for him were voting for a principle rather than a candidate. If Franken somehow pulls off that debacle in Minnesota (I never want to be told I'm stupid for living in the south again by someone from the upper Midwest--what's wrong with those Minnesotans!?), Chambliss was the last line of defense between a filibuster-proof Democratic majority. The principle of checks and balance was in jeopardy, was our defense.

Anyway, the last robocall I got was from Sarah Palin. I've been telling people all week she called me. I was so thrilled. I screamed into the phone--"I love you, Sarah!" But, alas, my cries of devotion fell on deaf ears, so to speak.


Shaun said...

RE: Robo calls.

We are fighting back.

The National Political Do Not Contact Registry is a non-profit, non-partisan group working to get political calls added to do not call registries.

Join us for 2010.

Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder

Barbara Tucker said...

Thank you! That's good news.

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