Saturday, February 28, 2009


If you haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, you should. Wonderful film. Swept me away. I rarely say that. My theory is that movies are supposed to transport you into another world. Most do not. This one did.

Also I would recommend the book The Contested Public Square by Greg Forster. He is amazingly Reformed in his approach; the book discusses the various leading views on political theory throughout the church's history. I learned a lot, or I should say, my understanding of many concepts deepened. I would like to teach the book in my Baptist church, but Baptists like to have their ears tickled more than study something in depth (oh, that was cruel). I can write this because no one reads this blog anyway.

I have gotten into Facebook. I see its appeal, but it's tempting to write really innocuous and frivolous things on it. I was surprised to find out a former student had voted for Obama. I was tempted to scold him for claiming to be prolife and voting for someone who wasted no time making sure we have more abortions in this country and the world.

The best explanation I have heard of Obama is that he was able to convince people he was for what they believed in even if he was not. He was (as a candidate) a perfect blank slate; even when he stated his positions, people who voted for him ignored him. Case in point: a student wrote on a paper that Obama wants to legalize narcotics. What??? Obama doesn't even want to lower the drinking age to 18, much less legalize narcotics. He does want more equitable penalties for different drugs--a sensible position. But why does this student think that? Has he looked at the issues, or just assumed that Obama agrees with his own views because ......? Another example is those who believe Obama supports gay marriage, when he has clearly stated he does not.

I am tempted to say Obama won because stupid people voted for him. Now, before you get mad, I didn't say everyone who voted for him was stupid. If someone truly studied Obama's positions and agrees with them and the direction Obama wants to take the country (albeit kicking and screaming!), I respect that. That's the American way; he's not the anti-Christ, although I virulently disagree with a lot of his positions. What I'm talking about is the people who voted for him without any knowledge of his positions, or who voted for him knowing the positions, disagreeing with them, but thinking Obama was cool and his kids were cute. That's just plain stupid.

Of course, I have to live by my own standard, and be hoisted on my own petard (that sounds vulgar). A lot of people voted stupidly for conservative candidates in the past. A lot of people.

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Amanda said...

Hi Barbara! I am reading your blog! :) I LOVE blogs. They can be so revealing and fun.

Do most Baptists really even know what they believe? or do they just believe whatever the guy waving his arms in the pulpit says. :)

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