Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been insanely busy, juggling many balls at work, home, church, community, and personal. Here's an update and commentary.

1. I spent Friday night and all Saturday in training to be a disaster relief worker, specifically in mass feeding. It was enlightening in two ways: to see the extent of the work the Southern Baptist Convention does in disaster relief (it provides the food for the American Red Cross and Salvation Army), and what I learned about food preparation and storage. I hope I can actually be involved in a disaster relief effort sometime--my work schedule is prison-like, but on the other hand I hope not--it means there is a disaster, and that's the last thing we need. The SBC responds to hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and even to 9/11-type events. Statistically speaking, there will be another of these soon. Perhaps if there is something close by I can go.

2. My son and I went bowling. It is our "tradition" when he comes home. We bowled four games in an hour to get our money's work (it was ridiculously expensive). One of my scores was 156. Not too shabby.

3. I am supposed to teach a Sunday School lesson, not knowing if I'll even have an audience (I had three last week), and the lesson is on several chapters in Isaiah. I'm going in a different direction--worship.

4. It's time to start a garden!

5. I'm so behind in grading that tomorrow I will have to work, and I try very hard to observe Sabbath rest.

6. I have decided being a mentor is not one of my gifts. The mentoree assigned to me in a program at church ran the other way.

7. My son goes back to school tomorrow, but he has a summer job, will take classes at my college, and we will do his income taxes tonight. So we accomplished my goals.

8. A nationally known speaker is coming to our campus next Friday; I made the arrangements but my husband is having oral surgery, so I'm skipping some of it. I really don't want to go. It's about multiculturalism and diversity, and I think that stuff is largely bull patties.

9. I really hope my second novel gets published. The publisher is way behind on editing.

10. I'm tired, because of a full life. Too full.

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