Thursday, May 07, 2009


I drove a lot today, so I listened to a lot of (Christian) radio (and some NPR, but Terri Gross was interviewing some self-absorbed actress). The Christian speaker was giving a message on how motherhood sanctifies us. He had many good points: our children mirror our own depravity (this guy is obviously Reformed, to use words like depravity of mothers); our children teach us to serve;, etc.

But he started with the assertion that mothers believe raising children is the hardest job in the world, the hardest job they would ever do. What?? What is so hard about being a mother? I ran a SACS self-study--it was much harder.

All the other stuff is hard; motherhood is a joy from start to finish. What, you say? I'm on drugs? I only had one kid, and he didn't have any problems, and I am a professional with a good job? Let me bore you one day with the story of my life and my son's epilepsy and a few other trials and tribulations. No, being a mother is all good.

Maybe mothers today find it so hard because (and I hate to use this word twice in two consecutive posts) we are so narcissistic and the thought of someone else coming first doesn't fit our brains.

I drove six hours today to get my son's stuff from college, as he is coming home for the summer. It was great (and I'm exhausted.)

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