Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recent News

1. My mother had a good word from a medical test, so we aren't looking at major surgery, chemo and radiation, at least not for a while, if ever. This was a matter of prayer and I am greatly relieved.

2. The news frees me up to travel this summer, so I am looking into tickets to Amsterdam and ways to get around. It's about three hours from Amsterdam to my friend's house in Stadskanaal. I have some trepidation about traveling by myself; on the other hand, at 40 I ran all over England and Scotland by myself and didn't think anything of it. Have I gotten old? I do have more anxiety than in the past.

3. At the same time I'm tired and have lots going on; I had planned to give up my SBS class and may not do that now; hard to know. I suffer from "feeling like a phony" disease when it comes to teaching the Bible. So many women who teach the Bible have a persona of deep spirituality, something I just don't have, that ability to pray out loud with great drama and intensity, for example.

4. I'm wondering when the honeymoon will be over with Obama. There are some things I would say, give the guy a break on. For example, Sotomayor. I don't care about some statement she made about her life experience helping her judge. It hinted at racism, maybe, but on the other hand I think we are know that the judges aren't blank slates. Does Clarence Thomas' Roman Catholicism (as a convert, not born into it) not influence him? Does not his experience as a black person? I care more about her judicial record and her credentials (which don't convince me she's the best legal mind for the job, nor very collegial) than some silly statement years ago.

5. We're having lots of sun today, so I hope my garden soaks it in and moves toward "fruition." I've got tiny squash and tomatoes and peppers already.

6. I watched an excellent movie the other night, Lonestar. The end was disturbing though, and uncalled for and illogical. There was no reason to end it like that other than to be controversial and gross conservatives out (or anger them). My defense: Two people deeply involved in a community in places of leadership, the woman with two teenage kids, are not going to commit incest when the town's secret, kept from them, is that they are half brother and sister. That makes no sense. I didn't buy it.Otherwise, the acting and intertwining of the stories was quite wonderful.

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