Saturday, June 06, 2009

Beth Moore

In January I was introduced to Beth Moore Bible studies. I had heard of her for quite a while, but as I am not a trend follower (you can tell from my hairdo), I had not paid much attention. But I decided to try her out for the study of Esther. At the end, I doubted I would take one again. Although I admired the depth of her studies, I didn't care for the large amount of time talking about herself, her family, her marriage, her hair, and generally just being funny. The programs were an hour long and could have been much shorter to allow for more discussion.

However, I needed a break this summer so my class agreed to listen to another one. We are doing the one about the life of Paul. I watch the tapes ahead of time for preparation, and I'm amazed. Whoever that person was (maybe ten years ago?) I like her much better. She is reverent, serious, and on point. I am seriously considering writing her and suggesting she go back to her old personality. She is too great a student of the Word to be so fluffy.

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