Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Dance

Who hasn't seen JK Wedding Dance on the Internet? Viral all the way. I first saw it on Facebook (which is becoming an addiction). An old friend (I was in her wedding in 1976!) had posted it.

At first I thought, "Oh, typical let's see what we can do that's weird at our wedding" stuff. But after a minute I changed my mind. Although I hope this doesn't become a trend (not all those people really have rhythm), it was joyous and celebrative. Good for them, I thought.

I showed it to my husband tonight. He said, "it sure isn't a Baptist church!" I said, "Well, it's Methodist or something, because there's a woman minister anyway." So it goes (to quote Kurt Vonnegut). But he enjoyed it too. It's wonderful because it isn't professional, and the bride looks like she'd rather be happy--and have her guests happy--than perfect. Maybe that's a good motto for all of us.

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