Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's Happening

Tomorrow my son goes back to college. I should be in there helping him pack--or maybe not. That's something he needs to get used to. Our classes start at Dalton State on Monday, and my main concern is the early start to the day for me this year, 8:00 class, which means leaving home at 7:00. A lot of our lives are affected by the fact that we live on the outer limits of the Eastern time zone, which means that our sunsets are later than say in Charlotte, NC, or Philadelphia. In high summer it's still twilight at 9:30, and only then does the sun come up at 6:00. So, school children always go to school in the dark in the winter, but it does make late golf possible in the summer.

I am working on a mentoring program at church; I hope I can add something to it. I doubt my winsomeness; all I can do is be myself and a good listener.

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