Sunday, October 04, 2009

Facebook, revisited

I have decided that I have complained enough about facebook and the inane, narcissistic, and goofy posts or status updates my "friends" post there. I have been a lurker, only posting a few times but looking at everyone else's and shaking my head. No more. I am going to fight fire with water.

Instead of "I'm having a bad day," "I'm hungry" "I'm in pain," I'm going to write upbeat, praising, positive quotes. I'll save snarkiness for this blog!

Seriously, is facebook so named because it's a mirror in which we are looking at ourselves or a because it's a short-term replacement for communication? The former, it seems. I'm sick of it. I could just stop going to it, but that's a cop out. Let's try something assertive and proactive. It could only help (and annoy the nonbelievers).

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