Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day of the Year

This being December 31, I will list my activities and accomplishments for the year.
This is an exercise in self-evaluation more than anything anybody has to read, so you can skip this.

Writing and scholarship: Seven editions of the newsletter for Teaching and Learning Center; one solid researched article for it; blog postings; one presentation (very short) that was included in a textbook; three speakers brought in for TLC, and many faculty presentations. Promoted to associate professor (of communication, even); asked to participate in self-study (yuch); found out my next two novels will be published (eventually)

Travel: Gulf Coast; Atlanta many times; Jefferson City, once; SC, twice; Mexico on a cruise; northern VA for reunion.

Reading: About fifty books; ten or more of them for church and ministry; several on teaching, history, politics, philosophy, fiction, spiritual memoir. Participated in two Beth Moore studies (that will do for now).

Movies: too many, most stupid, but also some excellent ones, especially No Country for Old Men and In a Lonely Place

Ministry: Mentoring, Sunday School, nursery watcher; saw class grow; Christmas gatherings

Certified: Disaster Relief by SBC

Taught: Business Comm, Humn 1201 and 1100, English 1101, Comm 1110. Forty hours of classes (way overload)

Personal: finished a quilt, planted a garden, landscaped the front of my house; two neighbors were foreclosed on; brother and mom went through heart surgeries and other brother through prostate treatment, but pretty healthy on my own; got addicted to facebook, sort of. Renewed old friendships; made new friends; participated in Messiah Sing-a-Long; gave two Christmas parties, went to five (too many!). Painted walls in house. Attended funerals. Visited elderly friends.

Finally, decided that I need to slow down.

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