Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here We Go Again

One of the reports on Sarah Palin is that she said something like her being nominated to VP position was "It is God's plan." I'm not getting that exactly right, but that's the gist. Of course, the news media would act like, "what a ridiculous thing for her to say." I beg to differ.

If she had lived 200 years ago, of course, it would not have been seen as an odd statement. It is simply a statement of her faith that God controls her life, not that she is more special than everyone else. The media doesn't understand that when a Christian talks about herself being in God's plan, the statement is about God's sovereignty and plans for everybody, not about her. It's the same thing when a Christian says she hears God's voice; it's not because God is talking to her, but because God is speaking to everybody but most aren't listening.

But of course secularists think we are all nuts and psychotic to think this way and worse to say it, especially in non-religious situations.

On the other hand (and there usually is one), I do find it offputting when people do that!


Lynnette Bonner said...

I agree, Barbara. God is in control whether people admit it, or not. One day, sadly for them, they will recognize that truth.

Meanwhile we should all remember to pray for people like Sarah Palin whom God has placed in public scrutiny. God give them strength to withstand the pressure.

Barbara Tucker said...

Thank you! that's so true--we may remember to pray for the elected officials but not others of influence.

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