Thursday, February 04, 2010

2/4/2010 Postings--Try to find a theme

It's raining here, but I went for my walk any wayand am enjoying old movies and the warmth of hot tea and a quilt after a long day of reluctant students and administrative minutia.

I was handpicked to help with the QEP for SACS. Only academics will know or care what that means. The Quality Enhancement Plan for the Southern Association of College and Schools. Accredition guff. Every seven to ten years we get to play this game in higher education. I'm the editor for the QEP, which I guess means it's my responsibility to be sure there are no typos in it.

Of course, after making a big deal of LOST I should post something. It's as entertaining as ever, and as frustrating, but there won't be new mysteries or characters, thankfully. I imagine it is silly for a 54-year-old woman to be "into" a popular show like this, but good writing and storytelling is good writing and storytelling. I liked Avatar but not the subtext. Anyway, the spiritual good-evil quasi-Biblical themes are abounding (how can you tell an epic story without going back to those themes?) Smoke Monster is Fake Locke; Jacob is dead but not really. There are two alternate time-line realities. Oh, my. An interesting study in LOST would be of its self-references (times when the characters talk about the plot itself) and the books that the characters read.

Here's a great story about a common problem--the overwiredness of young people.

So what is the theme? It's Thursday night, no classes tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment and lots of time to read. That's the unifier here.

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