Saturday, February 13, 2010


To continue my list from yesterday . . .
21. Nessum Dorma
22. Snow, occasionally. We don't get it much, and already we've had three snows in the last six weeks, all on Friday. Yesterdays was very pretty, two inches, dry and powdery, but it's pretty much gone now. Further south got more, and further north got none, as I found out today.
23. Hot tea after a cold walk.
24. Coming home. This is especially appropriate today because I drove 150 miles north to see my son at his college, and drove back just in time to miss driving in the dark, which age has made almost an impossibility for me.
25. Seeing my son.

I have given up most media for Lent (yes, folks, I'm serious. I think Lent is a good idea if done rightly). But I still read the paper; no Christian has the right to be ignorant of the world. I am puzzled/frightened/aghast at a story that Pres. Obama is going to use more executive orders to get what he wants done. Of course, left wingers would say, "Hey, your Republican presidents did it," and to some extent they would be right. But that's not an argument. I learned in college that "two wrongs make a right" is a logical fallacy, so saying the other side did the wrong thing also sounds to me like something eight-year-olds in a school yard would say. The Democrats in the Senate are also going to use "reconciliation" to get legislation passed, also. If they are afraid of the Republicans, especially of their winning elections in the fall, their actions look like those of frightened rats before a ship sinks.

Not that I'm a big fan of Republicans right now. I like their platform, but not their politicans; their principles, but not their leaders.

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