Monday, February 08, 2010

Daily Dailiness

I'm glad to see I'm getting some readers to this blog, and some encouragement. I also get "snipers" or something who post either obscene or advertising (or sometimes both) things. Oh, well. It's easily remedied.

I've always liked and sort of defended Sarah Palin but I am beginning to wonder. "Hopey changey thing?" What's that about? Hardly presidential. And she can't be inconsistent about the "r" word (which amazes me that adults use that to denote anybody, much less as an insult). My mother taught me better. In this 24/7 news cycle, any of these people should know that every word is on the record. At the same time, I know she gets taken out of context.

A student told me today that she loved my book and that she could see it as a Hallmark movie if you took out the political stuff! That floored me. She meant it as a compliment, and if she was referring to some of the old Hallmarks, yes, but some of those on the channel are unbelievably bad.

I am taking a class at church on transforming discipleship. I believe in it--it's just a matter of practicing.

Next time around going to write about dualism, something I feel is a tool of the enemy. Too heady a subject today, the day after the SuperBowl. Oh, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. When I saw that interception in the fourth quarter, I gave up on them. Too bad. I guess the partiers in NOLA needed something to party about.

Seriously, how does Obama get away with saying corpsman (as in corpseman) to a military prayer breakfast. How does he get away with refusing to say "I made a mistake?" How does he get away with throwing everybody under the bus (what an expression)? How does he get away with this overblown promises and pronouncements that have no follow through?

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