Monday, February 01, 2010

So Glad It's February

1. The days are appreciably and noticeably longer. I can come home from work and still have time to go for a walk only partially in the dark!
2. I have many wonderful activities planned for this month, including several Teaching and Learning Center programs, a trip to South Georgia that will allow me to see an old friend, getting doctor's appointments out of the weigh (yuch), and starting a discipleship class.
3. LOST comes back on tomorrow night!!!
4. It's a short month and we have spring break at the end of it.
5. I have a lot of great books to read and I feel like writing again.
6. The SuperBowl will be over (and Peyton Manning will win it, ha, ha).
7. January was a hard month. Cold, for one; I had to face my age and start taking cholesterol meds; my son went back to college (well, that's not all bad); tragedies like Haiti, and a slight feeling of malaise. Yes, I'm glad it's February, even if the little rodent does see his shadow tomorrow. I don't want spring yet!

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