Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who is Tiger Woods and Why Should I Care?

Of course, I know who Tiger Woods is. Every since the first day my husband picked up a golf course, golf has consumed our household. My son played from his earliest days he could, and played on the school team six years in middle and high school. I play when I can, and enjoy it although like most things, you have to do it a great deal to play it well. And of course, since we got cable, we have been blessed to watch the Golf Channel. The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championships are as big a deal at our address as the World Series and SuperBowl (but not March Madness. Nothing beats March Madness.)

So, we know Tiger Woods. And we tried to ignore his "apology" but it was not to be. I have been out of town for two days, in Statesboro, GA. I wasn't going to watch his speech. But this morning I was trying to eat breakfast in the little motel I stayed at, and of course it was on the TV. I heard, but didn't watch.

I don't care if he ever plays golf again. He has enough money, and I don't like when the same team or player wins all the time. He has brought the level of play up a great deal, and at any given tournament he will be beat. But he is a great athlete. Just not much of a human being.

The media and Tiger have a sick, codependent relationship, truly. They made him who he is, and they benefited from his success. Now they get to treat him the way they want. Of course, the sport of golf needs him, too, as do the other golfers. He brought the purses up, he brought the money and attention to the sport. So, the media has to go on and on about his "apology" (I don't feel I need an apology, so why should any one else other than his wife and children?). My mom said it was the lead story on the CBS news. You've got to be kidding???!!!! And they make fun of Fox News???

Help us.

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