Friday, March 12, 2010

NPR and Me

Since I gave up Fox News for Lent, I have sought to get news from reliable Internet sources and the newspaper. However, the lure of NPR calls me from the car radio, so I listen to that. They do thorough jobs, usually, with their stories, and I learn a lot from them, and their stories on the arts are wonderful.

I have to overlook their partisanship that sometimes oozing from the voices and words of the correspondents and commentators, and sometimes I just have to switch it off. They only report negative things about the wars, Republicans and conservatives, and arguments against the current attempts at health care reform, and generally, President Obama can do no wrong.

This morning there was an interview with Desmond Tutu, link below, that even the clueless interviewer could not destroy. (clueless in terms of the type of internal spiritual life and personal commitment that someone like Bishop Tutu would have). This interview made me smile, and laugh, and nod. Tutu says he has learned to shut up in the presence of God.

I am reminded of the time George Bush (I) asked Ronald Reagan how the meeting with Bishop Tutu had gone. "So, so" was the reply. I am also reminded of my listening to a voice on NPR one morning and thinking, "I know that voice, who is that?" and then hearing the announcer say, "We are speaking to Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention," and I was embarrassed that he was my pastor at the time! Interestingly, I introduced him as the speaker to a combined SS class that weekend. The other day I realized "You introduced Richard Land, and you told that story, and acted like you introduce people like him every day!" But I tend to treat things like that as part of the job and unrelated to me or my status.

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