Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost revisited

LOST was awesome last week. It wasn't just that we found about some key information. It was just great storytelling from the word go.

I am surprised by all the Biblical imagery in this show. Not that they necessarily always get it right, or that the persons who talk about the Biblical imagery get it right either, but there is still a lot of it. Example: The passage of the Bible Richard is reading before taken into slavery. Luke 4, the temptation of Christ by the devil, which is the whole point of the episode--Richard's temptation by Smokey. Many people think Smokey is good and Jacob is bad, but I can't see that. Smokey is just plain destruction and deception. Jacob doesn't deceive, but he makes mistakes at other people's cost, which is problematic. He wagers on them, and they lose and so does he. Smokey just kills and abuses.

And dog gone it, I think Hurley will be the candidate, the new Jacob. The least likely character at the beginning, the big loser, the dumb one. I might be wrong, but he has grown so much, even if Cheech is his dad. (And of course his mother had two of the best lines in show, "What is a dead Pakistani doing on my couch" and "Jesus Christ is not a weapon." (All time favorites are all of Sawyers, especially "Locke is going all Colonel Kurtz on us.") And the scene at the end was so touching, so respectful of marriage and real love, and so human. The writers know how to push buttons.

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