Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am thinking about writing a book called How to Feed Yourself: Bible Study Practice for Women. Too many women think they can't study the Bible for themselves, are afraid to, are too lazy, and thus go to the gurus I was fussing about in the last post.

So I'll start now with the general outline of some of my principles.
#1: If it's not in the text, go carefully in assuming or imagining.

#2: There are some historical matters in Scripture that we can't be sure of (for example, locations of certain cites) but that doesn't affect our ability to trust the Bible.

#3: Scripture has unity and is the best commentary on Scripture itself.

#4: Don't allegorize. Everything that happens to the Jews in the Bible is not a picture or metaphor or analogy to something in our lives. For example, manna. I was taught it was a picture of us having our daily devotions. UHHH, not quite. If you forget and try to read the Bible the next day, that's as it should be . . . but in Exodus, forgetting to eat one day and saving it for the next .... the manna stunk and bred worms. What's the connection there? No, everything in the Bible is not about us. It's about God.

#5: Regardless of #4, we do see ourselves in the Scripture because it is extremely honest about human nature.

More in the future.

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