Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tonight on NPR they "admitted" that the health care bill is vague. Ha! And this is news to someone?

I teach and study how people in power use words to persuade. This health care/health insurance reform/whatever debate has been an exercise in demonization and polarization by both sides. I will not pretend that the side I am on, anti-THE BILL but not anti some improvements in the access to health care and insurance for those who want it, is the godly side, the "what would Jesus do" side, as some of the proponents of the bill have. This morning I taught William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech, the ones that ends, "You will not push down a crown of thorns on the brow of labor, you will not crucify mankind on a cross of gold." And this was about the gold standard! But we are no better. If we can somehow connect Jesus or God to our side, we do it.

Why a 2400 page bill was necessary to make sure the working poor could get health insurance is a mystery to me.

And then we have Obama going to Iowa and making fun of Republicans, and then he wonders why so few respect him. Would someone tell this guy he's not running for anything any more, other than narcissistic in chief? Any respect I had for him was long gone. I am glad I don't watch the news any more, so I am spared him and his fake accents and lies and constant need to be in front of the camera.

That felt good.

Anyway, I look forward to my taxes going up and our country becoming more of a nanny state.

That being said, I wish the conservative side would give their rational members more of a voice, or that we could get one. Blogs like this are out there on the Internet, but they pale in popularity beside the demagogic, militant, extremist, big mouth ones. Case in point: Ann Coulter. While I occasionally read her because she's funny, and usually right, she's also a foul-mouthed shrew (and revels in being so).

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