Monday, March 08, 2010


I heard Maya Angelou speak once. I know Oprah bows down to her, but I have my own opinions of Angelou, or Marguerite Johnson. Let's just say she invented herself, to some degree, that is, her persona. But perhaps we all do a little, we are just not so extreme and so public about it. Anyway, she said in the speech that she considered courage the most basic of all virtues because you can't do anything without courage.

I like that; I think she's right. But if I had to submit an alternative, it would be thankfulness, because I don't think you can relate to people, find your place in the world, or understand your self without thankfulness. Thankfulness assumes someone to be thankful to, of course, and even one rejects God as Creator and Redeemer, nobody is who they are of their own volition, not totally.

So today I am thankful that the day was warm and I could take a walk after dinner without shivering. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for good supervisors at work. I am thankful that people choose to defend our country for us.

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