Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Night

OK, it's Tuesday night so it's time for LOST. Last week's episode was definitely one of the best and so I get to watch it again. I never liked Ben and wished he had been killed, but they had to keep him around because he manipulates the others so well.

But this episode had a wonderful scene of grace. After Ben finally sees all of his sin and confesses to it, he says he, "Who will take me," and Ilana says, "I will." Of course, someone has to know the whole context, but it was sweet and shocking and wonderful in all the different ways that word is used and in the ways the show captivated me in the first two years. So I will stick with this mess until the end. It is about faith, in the end, which I never would have thought at the beginning.

It is also amazing how those in the movie/tv industry can do makeup and lighting to make anyone look anyway they want.

This week is the beginning of the life-altering problem at my house called March Madness. I'm not sure what's bigger here, the U.S. Open, the Masters, the British Open, or March Madness. No, I do know. March Madness wins just by going on so long.


Anonymous said...

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Barbara Tucker said...


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