Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gurus revisited

Looking at a Christian online bookstore site, I saw the following _____ Helps Women Say Goodbye to Insecurity.

I won't say whose name appeared in that blank, but many could figure it out. I have written about this woman before, and positively. It's not her, it's the headline, it's the promise, of this ad.

Do they really think women can say goodbye to insecurity just by listening to a speaker or reading a book?

And is insecurity all that bad? If it's insecurity about the covenant grace of God, then yes. Hopefully, that is the point of the book being advertised.

If it's insecurity that we don't measure up to a cultural standard, then no. Insecurity can be a motivator. It can motivate us to say, "The cultural standards are nonsense, I'm going to pave my own way," or "some of these cultural standards may have some validity. My house is a mess and I shouldn't be satisfied living like this; I don't have an education equal to supporting myself if I needed to and I should focus my efforts on that; I am too worried about myself and I'm not others-focused and serving my neighbors, my church, and community."

Yes, most of us women are insecure about something and we do crazy things to relieve that insecurity, and just make ourselves more insecure. For myself, I know I am graceless in the physical and social sense. I'm clumsy, I drop things, I am too opinionated and loud at times, and I often find myself just this close from disagreeing with someone and it's only God's grace that keeps me from alienating everyone with my bluntless. And that insecurity sends me to the cross. I don't think my gracelessness is going away anytime soon. And maybe it shouldn't. God said, "For my strength is made perfect in weakness." I Cor. 9:12.

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