Friday, April 02, 2010

I Have to Mention It

Whoever stumbles upon this blog would think its writer is a nutcase, posting on passion week one time and the Marx Brother next. So now is my regular random blog, a conglomeration of observations.

HallMark has made some great movies. I'm watching one of my favorites now (well, it's on, I'm blogging). They also have some truly lame ones. I'm not interested in all the variations of "Love's This" and Love's That" and "Love's This and That."

My garden is taking shape, after a lot of hoeing.

I gave up Fox News for Lent. A good choice. It has cured me of a default behavior (used to be called a habit).

And then there's LOST. This week's episode was not one of the best even though it was about my favorite characters, the "Koreans." At least we see a respect for marriage on this show, unlike most. And there were some great moments. Seeing Desmond again (who can't like Desmond, the Scottish loser who rises to the occasion and may be the central character after all) and when Jin saw pictures of his little girl and knew there was hope.

As much as I love the show, it's a cult for some people--even some Christians. While I am surprised by all the Biblical allusions, I don't expect great spiritual insights from those writers. The fellow who posts on Christianity Today is interesting but he takes it a little too far.

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