Thursday, June 17, 2010

It Would Be Funny If It Weren't So Sad

Two years ago we were supposed to believe that Barack Obama was the Messiah. Now his supporters are turning on him. They had such ridiculous ideas, no wonder their expectations were not met.

I do not feel sorry for them, or for him. He ate it up.

Unfortunately, this is happening because of one of the worst disasters possible. So there is no satisfaction in this.

Perhaps because I am a student of public rhetoric, I used to listen to Obama speak and think, "Yeah, he gives a good speech, but come on, everybody knows that doesn't mean he's a leader or qualified to be president or anything." Apparently not. I felt the way I used to at Tennessee Temple. I would sit there in chapel and look around and say to myself, "These people actually believe all this," (not the Christian truth, but the self-serving stuff that only those who were there would understand what I am talking about).

So I can't feel sorry for anyone who let themselves be duped and who chooses not to know enough about American history, politics, and the constitution to know the president is not a soul-savior.

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