Friday, July 02, 2010

I Told You So

In 2004, the Passion of the Christ came out. Despite being told by people who should know better that "I had to see it if I wanted to understand the crucifixion," I demurred. No, I didn't demur--I refused. I had read enough about the cross to know what was involved and was not going to be dependent on a Hollywood/Roman Catholic mystical version of it.

Personally, I think people were starry-eyed because Mel Gibson had made it, and had even courted evangelicals so that he would get enough people to come and buy tickets. And why not? Evangelicals had not proven themselves to be all that savvy in other ways, so sure, they can be manipulated by a movie star who deigns to speak to them.

I never saw the movie. I am probably one of three who didn't, but I didn't. Nor will I ever, just because I have a stubborn streak and don't like it when people say I have to do anything, especially that I have to do it to be spiritual. And I wasn't persuaded by Gibson's so-called religious conversion.

So all those Christians who were taken in, what do you think now? The man clearly has lost his mind, but he had deep sin and sexual problems before that. Let's not be taken in, shall we?

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