Thursday, July 01, 2010

Observations of the Day, No Theme

Good sense has been "eclipsed," apparently. Especially within the church. Talk about lack of Biblical discretion.

The last few days have rocked my world--big changes. I am a little overwhelmed, but this is a good time for God's grace.

Speaking of overwhelmed, there is so much evil coming out of Washington right now that we are tempted to become numb with it all. That might be the strategy. Hit the American people on so many fronts that they can't respond normally, just frenetically, to the onslaughts on our freedoms.

The law of unintended consequences (or seemingly so). Because now 26-year olds can still be on their parents' health insurance, we have three results: 22-26 year- olds do not have to find a real job and grow up, companies who have older employees with children in that range are having to pay more to keep those young adults up, and companies that hire the twenty-somethings don't have to provide health insurance. The plan looks good and appealing on the surface (helps people), like most liberal ideas, but has more bad than good coming from it. Case #2: $8,000 rebate for buying a house--market took a nose dive after credits stopped. Who paid? the Taxpayers. Case #3: Cash for Clunkers. Took good used cars off the market, so now working poor can't get a good used car (they weren't all clunkers, in fact, clunkerness was not the criterion for the program, just a date); big bill to taxpayer; new car market took a nose dive too after program was over.

So do we have good consumer confidence and high numbers, despite these government bailouts? These are examples of a co-dependent relationship. The government is trying to keep up from feeling the pain of our mistakes, that is, lack of fiscal responsibility. We wanted too much without paying the price, and eventually we are going to all have to pay the price anyway.

I actually have the house totally to myself for a few days. And what do I do? I get to play music as loud as I want while I clean.

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