Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates at Random

1. Yeah for Spain. Spain is a beautiful country; it is not a glorified Mexico, so don't order a taco if you go there. (This is not a slam against Mexico, also a beautiful place). I am glad they won the World Cup. I am also glad we don't have to listen to those vuvuzelas anymore.

2. Is it possible that no oil is gushing from the floor of the Gulf! Thank you, Lord--also that the weather has cooperated. I am not going to thank BP's engineers.

3. It is shameful that most of what is on TV news is the exploits of selfish sinners. Lindsay Lohan (lowlife), Mel Gibson, the Barefoot Bandit.

4. At a discipleship group today we discussed community. I think community is something we all want, but not as much as we want our autonomy. To live in community is to die to self, and to die to self is to die to our "rights" over total personal use of time and resources. We are torn by these two strong desires, urges in our human natures. Family and blood ties are also a barrier to Christian community, or at least can be. Family is a god in many cultures, and a person who chooses Christ over family may lose family altogether, and all the support systems that mean. Ultimately we have to choose Christian community to be disciples. It's a hard choice.

5. That big red-headed marionette on the Mayflower commercials is just downright disturbing. On the other hand, the Charter commercial with the kids singing the National Anthem is great.

6. Old silent movies are really interesting.

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