Saturday, August 14, 2010

Article Recommendation

In Christ means in his body, his church. It’s easy not to want to be in the church, but we really don’t have that option. That doesn’t mean every commitment and minute is busy with church work, and I think that is the problem. People who want to serve the body get bogged down in being here and there and providing this and that and volunteering up and down. Church leadership is often trying get the laity to work harder to “build the church” but who really then gets the credit? Jesus? or the pastor—he now has a larger church and other churches want to offer him a job to come do the same thing. And the people are left looking for another pastor. This is just wrong. . . I see the “being part of the body” is commitment to the people and their struggles. The time commitment should be in terms of spending time with people, not programs; in prayer, not cleaning up after meals (although, yes, I know, all service to Jesus is service. But sometimes we are just spinning our wheels.)

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Attention, Ego, Spirituality, and Drugs

This title may seem really odd coming from me, but this article has some interesting things to say.