Sunday, August 29, 2010


Although I don't want to confuse the Christian faith with some kind of therapeutic nicety, one cannot read the Bible and come away without a sense that healing is central to the work of Christ. Now, different people will interpret that according to experience and theological training. Teaching about healing is tricky business, because there are no definite promises about healing in the Bible and lots of indications that faith doesn't solve all sickness, not in the least.

I say this because our pastor recently gave a testimony of healing after prayer and annointing, which is of course the biblical mandate. But what about those who don't get healing? Are they just not special? I don't want to throw cold water on anyone's healing testimony--we have a precious one ourselves, because our son was healed of his epilepsy. I am only saying that any healing testimony must be given tentatively and sensitively, since
1. not all will experience the same healing
2. physical health may be temporary; this illness being taken away doesn't mean there will never be illness again
3. those who suffer from long-term illness have enough insensitivity to deal with without an authority figure adding to the burden.

In short, give God the glory, and make sure it's God alone getting the glory, not your faith or perseverance.

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