Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just have to weigh in on this . . .

Of course, Democrats all over the country are cringing about Obama's statement endorsing the mosque near ground zero. Some observations:
1. His timing is horrible.
2. His actual statement, in context, is not really objectionable. Taken on face value, the words make sense. But that is really not the issue here.
3. Why does he think he has to get involved in local issues??? Didn't he learn his lesson in that Cambridge police issue last summer? He's supposed to be a constitutional lawyer. Does he not realize there are limits on the presidential jurisdiction? Is he so full of himself that there has to be a pronouncement on everything??? Yet, when the gulf coast states are drowning in oil, he does nothing. When illegal immigrants are pouring into the country, he does nothing. Those are local issues he is supposed to deal with. He doesn't seem to know what his job is.
4. He could have stopped with defending freedom of religion. He didn't have to endorse the mosque. He was playing to the tiny minority of Muslims in this country and to the millions outside America, just like he plays to the tiny minority of activist gays. He was not playing to Americans. He was showing the same insensitivity as those who want the Mosque.
5. There is still the two main issues about the mosque being there: who is paying for it, and what does it mean to the Muslim community? A victory?
6. I guess he wants to be a one-term president. He's doing a good job of it. I don't think his own people realistically expect a re-election.

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